Our Story

I have spent a long lifetime as a fisherman; guide, captain and most of all as an angler. After 40 years I retired from my guiding and tour business to create a non-profit company that took 100’s of disabled veterans and children fishing aboard specially designed boats that I built to accommodate wheelchairs When health issues prevented me from continuing I gave up the helm to others.

Sharing my love of fishing with others has always been important to me. Aside from hosting 100’s of disabled combat veterans and children with disabilities aboard my boats, I have helped 100’s of school children with the basics of casting and fishing, starting them on the path to becoming anglers

When the pandemic hit I was forced to stay at home. Out of boredom and with no previous experience I started carving fish. That led to creating drawings and then ultimately resin reproductions of the many trout species. Each trout that comes from my small shop is unique and one of a kind. They are completely hand crafted.

The bulk of my business is creating 3D reproductions of trout, but realizing everyones budget does not allow for my hand crafted fish, I started creating fine art prints of some of the many trout I have created. These fine arts Giclee prints has opened up another vista for my customers,

If you are interested in a handcrafted reproduction of a wild trout or a beautiful print for your home, office or cabin, I am here to help you with a tangible memory of a special time or place.

Provo river brown trout

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