A collection of works from the bench of Captain Steve Henline


25″ brown trout right facing.  Available as table top mount or wall mount

25″ brown trout left facing.  Available as table top mount or wall mount

Pair 25″ brown trout right and left facing.  Available as table top mount or wall mount

black and white photo of a pair of brown trout



brown trout male

25″ male brown trout



Male spawning Brook Trout print


kokanee salmon above driftwoo bottom

Kokanee salmon above driftwood on river bottom

large brown trout reproduction sitting on desk

30″ brown trout reproduction of fish caught on Provo river, Utah


Rainbow Trout reproduction on table top

four trout on tabletop.

4 trout replicas on table top

Kokanee salmon wall display

Small male brook trout with trophy brown trout print

12″ Brown Trout on Muledeer antler

Spawning Kokanee Salmon mounted on Moose antler

Brook trout and brown trout print displayed on wall

Brook trout swimming thru antlers

Wild male brook trout in spawning colors swimming near mule deer antler

okanee salmon with fly fishing reel on table top

Male Kokanee salmon on reeds with fly box and reel in foreground


24″ Cutthroat trout Wall mount

A pair of male brook trout in spawning colors

Rainbow trout print on display

20″ wild brown trout reproduction on driftwood display


Wall display


Rainbow trout on round river rocks

family of brown trout swimming in the reeds on river bottom print

Brook trout on antler

brown trout on rivers bottom

Wild Brown Trout

rainbow trout on river rocks Print.

Tiger trout and kokanee salmon

Trout on ceramic bases. Golden trout (front) , brown trout (left) and rainbow trout


Silver Salmon


Rainbow trout replica on corner table

12″ rainbow trout on ceramic base

Male kokanee replica with hand carved wooden kokanee in background

Kokanee salmon replica on rock base

Male kokanee salmon on steel reeds base


Cutthroat trout replica on oval rock base

Two brown trout replicas on steel reed base

12″ cutthroat trout table top display

Male golden trout replica in spawning colors on oval base

brown trout pair. Wallmount and table top mount

Two trophy brown trout with flies in front of trouts mouths. Female on steel reeds, Male on wall