What is Giclee printing?

Simply stated Giclee printers use advanced technology and up to 12 colors of inks or pigments to achieve extraordinary color rendition across the color gamet. Giclee printers are primarily used by fine art painters and professional photographers to acquire remarkable renditions of their work.

The ink and paper used are also important considerations when making such a print. They must be of high quality, and considered to be “archival.” The inks used for printing them are pigment-based rather than dye-based, and any type of canvas, specialty printing paper or watercolor paper must be designated as archival.


What is mounting?

We use a heat and vacuum process to “mount” a giclee print to a 3/16″ hard foam backing. Mounted prints do not require a frame as they can be displayed on a wall with the use of double backed tape. Mounted prints can be framed, but the use of glass is not recommended. Mounted prints can be cleaned with any cleaning liquid and wiped dry with a micro-fiber cloth. They are heat and humidity resistant and are guarateed not to fade for several generations.

what are the differences between wall Mounted fish and Table top fish?

Wall mounted fish are designed to be displayed on a wall via a hanging device on the back of the fish. Generally, fish designed for a wall mount, which is often the only practical way to show a big fish, are painted only on the front side as the back cannot be seen when it is on the wall. wall mounts can range from 12″ to 36″ for trout replicas. The fish can be facing left or right depending on the purchasers desires.

Table top displayed fish are created as 3D trout; painted on both sides. Many collectors prefer table top displays for fish from 12″ to 24″ believing they are a closer rendition to a living fish. Table top mounts are created to stand alone or built with complex and often beautiful effects that put the fish is an near perfect aquatic environment.

What is the time frame to get one of your fish prints?

Prints are shipped directly from our photo lab. They are processed and shipped within 5 to 7 days

What is the time frame to create and ship a reproduction Trout?

From the time you order your fish you can expect it to be created and shipped within 1o to 12 days. Most fish are not made util they are ordered